What size pillow insert to order for your decorator cushion?

The most common question asked is " If my cushion is say 18" x 18" what size pillow insert do I buy?

The simple answer is , it is a matter of personal taste. For a 18" x 18" decorator cushion 18" x 18" pillow insert or 20" x 20" insert pillow form will work.

Basically its the look you want to accomplish. You want to make sure the corners are nicely filled and if the cushion on the chair, sofa or love seat is being used for support a plump polyester look will not be comfortable.
We would recommend a down feather insert either 18" x 18" or 20" x 20" again depends on the manufacturers.
Lets get past the technical stuff and then we will come back to personal tastes
When measuring make sure measurements are seam to seam, measured across the middle.
The following table is a guideline for the most popular sizes and what we suggest in a firm polyester filled pillow form, used for decorative purposes

Outer Cover Size
Pillow Insert Size
14" square
16" square
16" square
18” square
18" square
20 square
We want to stress again it is a matter of personal taste. Ask your decorator to bring a sample of  various sizes and try them out. You will then have made a decision you will never have second thoughts about. We encourage our decorator or designer clients to bring in their customers cushions and try out the various sizes to make sure everybody is happy.