January 04, 2019

Do you love to explore, reinvent and experiment with things? Do rules make you feel stifled? Do unconventional things attract you? You are a bohemian by nature and your home should be decorated to allow your spirit to flow. Yes, bohemian décor theme with its colorfulness and eclectic style would allow you to express your individuality.

Bohemian décor style – express yourself

The word bohemian is derived from the French word gypsy. It is associated with living a life of excitement and new experiences. Bohemian style is all about experimenting with different colors, patterns, styles, and achieving a harmony. Although it may sound chaotic it is not. Having a bohemian décor in your home is the best way to celebrate the artist in you.

Since bohemian lifestyle primarily means living a free life, there is no rule attached to it. You collect items as you travel around the world and use them in your home to let the world know who you are. Come, let us see how you can decorate your home in this unique style.

Color palette – choose energetic and bold colors

As I have mentioned before, bohemian style means having no rules. So, choose whatever colors you like. Bold, warm, earthy tones and metallic, mix them, match them and celebrate them. You can use terra cotta along with red, fiery orange and brown to create a rich space. White and black can create a stark contrast too along with gold and purples. Use lots and lots of different designs, patterns to create your own style.

Just to give you an idea, you can use soft colors on the walls and complement them with warm colors on the sofas and throws and rugs. A few pieces of furniture can be in metallic too. Or else, choose earthy colors on the walls and blend furniture in lighter shades along with bright colored rugs and throws. 

Bohemian furniture – mix old with new

Choosing furniture for this style of décor is always exciting. You don’t plan and buy pieces to suit your home. The idea is to travel and pick things and use them creatively. Moreover, the bohemian decoration is all about mixing old with new. Thus, a modern swivel chair can find a place beside a vintage secretary. Antique mirrors can be placed in your living room along with Moroccan pots. Wooden stools or chairs made from bamboo, old tables recycled to fit your home or even old portraits can find space in a bohemian house to add to the grandeur. 

Even you can have canopies in the living space! Yes, canopies in sheer curtains can create privacy as well as a chic look. Then there are plants. In every shape and size, hanging from the walls or potted in colorful vessels, the plants can add greenery and a sense of serenity in your home. Since you cannot overdo anything in the bohemian style, having an entire wall fixed with pots or a small garden at the corner of the room would look fascinating. Choose ferns and place them inside bamboo vessels or delicate ivies and hang them from the wall. Even succulents in unique planters would add greenery to your home and make it look serene.

 It’s not necessary to have sofas in the living room. You can make sitting arrangements on the floor too using mattresses. Cover them with quilts or rugs and use a few kilim pillows to add color. There are so many varieties available in the market today in vintage as well as modern designs. Mix a few vintage ones with Turkish designs and achieve the harmony you have been looking for.

Accessories – the ultimate in bohemian décor

This is a favorite topic with most designers as you can do a lot of experiments with the accessories. Let’s begin with rugs. Get them in different materials, natural elements like sisal, wool, silk and even burlap. Choose colorful rugs in different designs and use them all over the house. Several smaller ones can be placed in the living room. Be it Moroccan designs in warm colors or mandalas with intricate designs, everything would gel with the interiors. Who said rugs are only for the floor? Place one or two on the sofas for a luxurious look.

If you love sea and beaches, get items that remind you of your favorite beach spot. Use shells and other materials you have collected over the years in decorating the home. Hung your surf board from one wall and have a hammock too in the balcony to enjoy the wind. This is just one idea to let your choice define your home decoration. Take cues from this and use objects that you love to own to decorate your own space.

Using rugs in multiple materials, like coarse tweeds, silky velvets, and soft cotton and layering them would add a new dimension to your home. Use these materials instead of curtains or upholsteries. Items like vases, old china sets, and golden mirrors, knickknacks from Italy or India, or Egyptian mementos that you have collected through the years can be displayed to let the world know your stories. Old maps that you bought from a curio shop can be framed and put up on the wall. Your grand mom’s sewing kit makes an interesting addition along with the vintage bottles of granddad. If you have a few old quilts and pillow covers that you don’t want to throw away, create a patchwork with them and use it as wall hangings or to cover the chairs. This is an interesting way to preserve your memories and also unleash your creativity. 

Using handmade items would definitely add a new layer to your bohemian home. Pillows form an integral part of this décor style and hence you should invest in a few in different designs. 

Getting handmade kilim pillows would add warmth to the interiors. There is a huge variety of these pillows available in the market today. Kilim pillows in ikat designs or Turkish prints are a hit with people. You can select bohemian prints in bold colors or vintage decorative pillows. Throw them around on the sofas for a warm feeling. They would add comfort and also enhance the rich look of the living room. Similarly, you can use them in the bedroom too. For a bohemian themed bedroom, you can use soft colors on the wall and use multicolored rugs and curtains for added style. What about an ethnic wall hanging bedspread throw? Something that would add depth to the décor and bring out the creativity in you.

Along with the bedspread, choose kilim pillows in materials like goat hair, velvet, silk, and cotton to make the decoration interesting. 

As we have mentioned earlier, there is no rule to follow when you want to go boho. Draw inspiration from your own life experiences. Unleash the artist in you and experiment with spaces and designs. If you love the vintage look, you can keep it as an undertone and go bohemian. If the Oriental designs like mandalas and the intricate designs from Morocco or Turkey appeal to you, use them on the throw pillows or rugs and satisfy yourself. Don’t let any rule book bind you. Release your inner spirit, let it roam free and mix and match modern items with your antique collection to implement your own bohemian style. After all, your home is an expression of your mind and spirit.